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haiduk spellbookHaiduk: Spellbook

14/08/12  ||  Averatu

Today I’m trying something different that could get me into crap. Tough shit.

First I will review this as an album:
Guitars: 9/10. This is not a guitar hero album, but there are really killer riffs and ideas, and the execution is mostly flawless. He could ease up on the hammer-ons. The guitars are the focus of the whole mix.
Drum programming: 2/10. Its a lame duck, totally unnatural and at some points impossibly fast, unless we can afford Kollias to do live sessions. With minimal effort it could have been so much better.
Vocals: 2/10. When there are actual vocals happening, its pretty good, but most of this album is instrumental, but not the guitar solo type. So much of this album should have had vocals.
Production: 1/10. Totally over produced on the guitar, and completely under produced on all other fronts.

There are some moments that are very impressive, but then it all falls completely flat, everything just ambles along relying on the guitar to keep driving it. The songs just end abruptly, and the album has no flow at all.

Calculated average album score:


Next I will review this as a guitarist demo:
He’s tight, he’s fast, he has super cool ideas, but no one bothered to tell him about Craigslist. Holy smoking Vatican poo, someone hook this kid up with an actual band please. I think the results could be totally fucking devastating.

Demo score:


This album is a perfect example of the pitfalls of self produced bands or project thingies. Without the traditional quality filter of the A’n R of a record company, bands can self release anything they like, and its up-to douchebags like me to publicly crush their egos under our boot heals.

Note to the bands media liaison: Now don’t take any chances and quote me out of context, or by the wrath of Beelzebub there will rain down internet acid piss upon thee!!!!