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Holodomor: Témoignages de la gnose terrestre

31/05/12  ||  gk

Holodomor is a young band from the UK and this is the band’s debut release. “Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre” is some blackened death metal and with 5 songs lasting for little less than 17 minutes, it’s vicious and unrelenting. “Fall into Time” opens proceedings with a somewhat sparse sounding guitar attack but the savagery of the riffs makes up for it and the song is pretty promising. “The Spell of Black Affliction” is the highlight of this EP for me with its dissonant riffs and a feel that reminds me of a blackened Order from Chaos. “Tribulation Stigmata” has a very cool middle part with some dissonant riffing backing a well-placed lead before the song goes off into a slower, more traditional black metal part. Holodomor show a lot of promise on “Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre”. The band isn’t doing anything particularly new but they are doing the whole blackened death thrash thing very well.

7.5/10: Really looking forward to the album.