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Humangled: Odd ethics

07/09/12  ||  Pr0nogo

Humangled is an Italian five-piece death metal band that’s trying too hard to be Cannibal Corpse. While I personally don’t have any fucks to give when it comes to the big-named “brutal death” band (I think a lot of their shit is boring and sounds the same), I suppose I can understand why a band would want to imitate their successes. The Italians are probably dancing around, thinking that their knockoff efforts are going to earn them, “Money, a-money, a money! Benissimo!” Humangled takes this a step further than most, though; rather than just writing silly, nonsensical gibberish about dead bodies and foul-smelling distended organs, they copy all the boring aspects of the early music of Cannibal Corpse & co. This makes them not only boring and irritating to listen to, but downright laughable. The few hints we have of musical individuality within their latest EP, “Odd Ethics”, are in the beginning of opening track “Needles of the blind” and in the death throes of closing track “Deny your creed”. Just about the only thing you learn from this fifteen minute brain cell killer is how to successfully fall asleep in the shortest time possible. It’s boring, it’s boring, and it’s booooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. I can’t stress that enough; I really felt like I was listening to absolutely nothing half the time, and when your whole fucking record is only fifteen minutes long, that’s a really big problem.

4.5/10: Who knows, maybe their full length is less boring. Or maybe it’s just an extended cut of this.