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Hybrid Circle: Before history

25/04/12  ||  BamaHammer

Italy. Land of Progressive (insert type of metal here) Metal. Hybrid Circle is actually a not very terrible prog death metal band from the country shaped like a boot. They clearly have an abundance of technical skill, but I’m afraid they know that far too well and have a huge desire to show it off pretty much all the time. This band has a little promise.

I dig a lot of progressive death metal, but these guys are just a little too soft for me. They lack the balls that a band like this needs to have a good appeal to fans of death metal in general as opposed to bands looking for the next Opeth clone. They have a few similarities to fellow Italian band Sadist, but where Sadist really “brings ze dess” and cranks out really strong, aggressive death metal complete with technical prowess and groove, Hybrid Circle uses their musicianship as a crutch to compensate for their lack of groove.

Like I said, it’s not that bad, but it’s just not something I’m really into. If you like really proggy death metal with plenty of wankery, check this out. If not, it wouldn’t hurt you to pass on it.

5/10: Italian food is way better than Italian metal.