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Iblis: Menthell

16/08/12  ||  cadenz

Poland’s Iblis hit us with their debut full-length “Menthell”. What is that supposed to mean? Going mental in hell? Eating Menthol in hell? A statement against smoking: “menthol cigarettes will bring hell’s fires to your lungs!” Don’t know, but I do know that Iblis is Arabic for Satan. Kool n’ kvlt n’ stvff. The music on this platter is hard to describe, and you’ll thank me for being a genius since I’m going to succeed in this task harder than a golem’s boner. Spaced-out avantgarde atmospheres mingled with tremolo blast beat black metal onslaughts, with a side dish of funk/prog and thrash metal, topped with a deranged vocalist spewing out something hateful and maniacal in English with a crude Polish accent. And I kinda like it. Good musicians uninterested in conventional methods make this extreme metal freak soup into a listenable experience, and give the band a unique flare.

7/10: It’s like < code > and Taake took an acid trip listening to Faith No More and went apeshit.