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Imprecation: Jehovah denied

18/09/12  ||  lou.imm0rtal

If you do not know who Imprecation is then you are fucked in the head, dude. Seriously, I know that there is death metal and then there is that hideous death metal that lingers in abysmal outskirts but do not be afraid to take a walk into those parts sometime. The mighty Imprecation, one of Texas’s most blasphemous and heaviest death metal bands, have returned to show this new generation of cocksuckers what they are all about. They have graced us with a new demo which is currently be re-pressed on tape and vinyl and I highly recommend you get a copy of this blasphemous beast. It is so good, so evil, yet so groovy. They have always been masters are orchestrating doom-like riffs with heavy chugs of Satan toppled with such awesome vocals. If you are in hunger for something old skool but yet so fresh and heavy then listen to it.

I promise, you are going to want to listen to it at night while puffing on a huge joint of satanic herbals. I have some good news too! They are finally preparing to record their first full length ever after releasing a stream of mini release which are all classickals back to back! There is not one bad Imprecation song and you should be ashamed of yourself for never listening to them. Hail Satan!

9/10: I only waste my time listening to quality. My quality may be shit to you but that means that my shit is still quality.