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Incarnit: Umbra

02/08/12  ||  gk

Incarnit are a 4 piece thrash band from Sweden and “Umbra” is, I think the band’s latest and third EP since forming in 2006. It feels like Incarnit are still not very sure exactly what direction they want to go in. The songs on this 5 song EP go from modern almost metalcore sounding to complete 80s Metallica worshiping thrash. Throw in some slightly off vocal harmonies and on the opening song and the almost shouty hardcore vocals and you’re left with an EP that is a bit confusing. It doesn’t help matters that on the last song of this EP, the vocalist sounds like Chuck Billy with a cold. There’s talent here for sure. Unfortunately it feels like the band is still a bit too close to their influences and not really sure where they want to go with it. A little bit of direction and focus could take this band a long way but for now “Umbra” is a pretty pedestrian effort.

5/10 and nothing to see here yet.