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Infected Society: Get infected

20/08/12  ||  Habakuk

This outfit seems to have some ex-Yyrkoon magic under its hood, and definitely does their death/grind mixture have a bit of the modern, hostile aura of said band to it. Think modern grindcore in the vicinity of Rotten Sound with a bit more of a death metal edge to it. Very competently executed and crisply produced, one cannot blame this EP (or the guys behind it) for any technical weaknesses, but the overall thing is just a bit too bland as a whole. Sure it’s intense, but I literally caught myself leaving the room (!) multiple times while listening to it, because I suddenly thought of something important I needed to do. “Nothing exciting happening here”, brain thought, and shifted focus. I would have almost missed the Pantera cover (“Sandblasted Skin”), which isn’t too great, the Napalm Death cover (“Necessary Evil”), which is great if you want a carbon copy of that song, or that slow, pounding riff that reminds a lot of “Torture Killer” by Six Feet Under.

6/10: If the high point on your EP is a cover that mirrors the original, you should work on your identity a bit.