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Inhumanity: Demo 2012

16/10/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

CDR, no information and a handwritten note saying “First 3 songs are for review”. Then excuse me, but what the fuck is the 4th tune for? Marriage? Barbecue? Sex? As if that wasn’t enough, this is obviously a “pre-production demo”. What… the… fuck? What is that even supposed to mean?

What I am so lucky to receive is a poorly produced “Spheres”-era Pestilence thing with a poor man’s Mameli impersonation (there’s like 3 vocal lines on this whole thing) on top of shittily programmed drums and misplaced electronics. Sounds like the guy in charge of this just discovered delays and drum machines from the early 90’s. Welcome to 2012.

Ok, so I get the idea; you think “Spheres” was awesome. Congrats, that album just got itself the first fan then. Next time, try to copy something relevant instead.

Everyone with a computer can record shit these days and release it. And people like me are lucky enough to get to review it. This is not completely useless and in lack of talent, but it sounds like the fucko’s sending out his shit a little bit too soon (like a couple of years too soon). It sounds half-assed and half-finished (ah… you know, pre-production). That’s what you get when you’re an attention whore who can’t wrap up a full product before getting it out there becoz you want feedback from Ze Metal World so bad.

Re-think your strategy. Re-think it fucken now.

2,5/10: Don’t send “pre-anything” to us again, thank you.