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Johnny Electric: Communication radio highway

14/05/12  ||  Habakuk

Johnny Electric, huh? I was waiting for the new Varg Dark, for fuck’s sake!
Well guess what, this ain’t no metal album. This is Timmy Ironic, Trevor Nostalgic and Kyle (just Kyle), sounding more like a Rolling Stones influenced 20-somethings garage troupe than anything that should be sent here. Whatever, I’m okay with rock music. This here exhibit is decently produced and somewhat catchy (but not consistently so) yet despite a little gain in the guitars and the singer trying to put in a little egde, it remains toothless, fluffy indie radio stuff – which I’ve heard done better as well. There are some trombone, harmonica and conga parts (…), but that doesn’t help matters too much on the way to a distinguishable identity yet. Unless you really want to listen to a young band doing an okay The Hives impression, steer clear.

5/10: Potential’s here, but it needs some serious developing.