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Khariot: Disymposium

06/06/11  ||  Lord K Philipson

So, “Chariot” was taken, huh? Australia’s been invading GD as of late. With no success I might add. Their biggest claim to fame seems to be the fact that someone in the local scene of Perth has said “If Atheist & Enslaved got together, smoked a heap of crack, then had a kid… Khariot would be the result”. Yeah, that – or someone running the world’s best website could say “If a bunch of turds got together, turded around for a while and then decided to turd a bit more in the sack… Khariot would be the latest turd”. Seriously, if this is what sex between Atheist and Enslaved would end like, I sincerely hope they never fuck.

3,5/10: Time to take that khariot and ride the fuck out of town.