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Killjoy Corporation: Horsefly

27/09/12  ||  gk

Finland’s Killjoy Corporation has been around for a couple of years and “Horsefly” is the band’s debut recording. This is some pretty good stuff. The music is mostly melodic thrash with some death metal and groove elements but honestly quite difficult to pin down. Every now and then the band hits a groove or riff that is a bit unconventional and surprising. “Infected prey” starts off in a sort of punk fashion before hitting its melodic thrash/ death style and the combination of styles works reasonably well. “Napalm mute” is all chugging riffs with a pretty cool bass sound while “Superior of god” is a lot more traditional, melodic NWOBHM sounding metal. This EP or demo or whatever it is, shows off a fair bit of promise and I’d like to see where Killjoy Corporation head from here.

6.5/10: Interesting stuff.