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King: Forged by Satan's doctrine

15/05/12  ||  BamaHammer

Welcome the Kings of generic Colombian blackened death metal, uh, King! Everything about these guys is generic. They have a generic moniker, a generic pentagram inside a generic “kvlt” logo, a generic production, and a generic album with 11 generic tracks and a generic cover. That’s not to say it’s terrible, but it’s nothing that I would willfully go out of my way to hear over and over again. These guys are quite knowledgeable about how the blackened death metal shtick is done, but they just don’t ever find a way to go anywhere with it. This is 48 minutes of hyperspeed black metal with an extremely fake, triggered drum sound that leaves me feeling bored and ready to hear something else.

4/10: Store-brand, generic metal by the book. Gross.