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Klabautamann: The old chamber

25/07/12  ||  The Duff

Klabautamann play progressive black meets melodic death metal in the Dark Tranquillity vein (the vocalist sounds like a roughed up Michael Stanne from “The Mind’s Eye” days mixed with Grutle Kjelsson of Enslaved). Influences include Primordial, but with less of a sense of the epic, delivered more with the straightforwardness of Opeth, and standard Judas Priest riffs with Burzum-esque, ringing chords for atmosphere. Occasionally these last will have very unusual, almost jazzy rhythms to them which seem to defeat the purpose – technically not the most rewarding, it’s like a dumbed down black metal Dream Theater. An horrendous mix, not a bad record.

6/10 for giving it a go.