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Llvme: Yía de nuesu

20/06/12  ||  Sokaris

I’ve listened to metal for a long time but one thing that hasn’t changed is occasionally having no clue how to pronounce a band’s name. From a middle-school-aged Sokaris (lil’ Sokey, let’s call him) referring to the once great Sepultura as “sah-pull-tra” to me finding out a couple years ago that the “Ch” is “Chthonic” is silent, the myriad of band monikers employed in this scene definitely keeps one guessing and brings appreciation of the fact that I’m writing this and not having to butcher these guys’ name out loud.

Llvme is an interesting band, blending together black, doom and folk into a darkly melodic/exotic experience. The band is Spanish, which bears some importance because their folk elements are a little different than the average troll-polka group. Occasionally they remind me of fellow Mediterranean metal merchants Moonspell’s debut EP but minus that band’s riffiness. Really, their one downfall is that the guitars should be more active and up front. The multi-instrumental approach is well-delivered but the six strings should definitely take over more. Production is okay, though there’s some occasional unpleasant string noise in some of the faster, tremolo picked parts. Opener 1188-1230 has an example of this.

The band is comprised of Nandu and Eric, which sounds like the name of some kind of zany PG movie that a washed-up comedian would star in. Anyway, Nandu really deserves credit for handling over half a dozen instruments on this effort. Maybe bringing in another guitarist would help add a little more muscle to things and help this band realize their potential. An act to watch.

6.5/10: It says “Llvme”, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do Llkyu.