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Mass Burial: Of carrion and pestilence

21/06/12  ||  Habakuk

Is there any better way of finding out more about a band than reading promo texts from a Polish label? No. Case in point: Mass Burial and their label (and I’m not making this up) WYDAWNICTWO MUZYCZNE PSYCHO reading us the gospel: “In one word we can expect revelation material under sign ‘pure swedish old school death metal’!!!!” – The only revelation I’m getting from this however is that a Spanish band trying really hard to emulate Nihilist/Entombed can end up sounding like them. It doesn’t sound forced, it doesn’t sound bad at all, it doesn’t sound overdone, but it sounds… done. Before, that is. So, if you want to go back to the days of old where albums were demos, colors were black and white, guitars were used to cut wood and brutal drumming was sloppy drumming – your tickets are ready for pickup. In Spain.
And don’t confuse the band with the Australians of the same name (like I did). Them didn’t sound too bad either, though.

7/10: If you absolutely crave another Entombed demo.