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Mgła: Further down the nest

22/10/12  ||  sincan

By now you might think that I will praise this band as I’ve done so many times already. You are wrong, at least when it comes to ejaculating just by thinking of this release, because I don’t.

This EP consists of two tracks, “Further down the nest I” and… “Further down the nest II” (surprise!). If I weight these two tracks against their EP “Mdłości” (no, I did not copy the name from somewhere, I know it by my black heart) or their latest effort “With hearts toward none” FDTN feels kind of meeeh. The typical Mgła sound is there, no doubt about it, but for me the songwriting is lacking a bit.

“Further down the nest I” starts in a nice manner, but for some reason the guitar riff gets a bit repetitive, in a bad way. I guess it’s not as good as I’m used too when it comes to this band. And to be honest, I actually feel like it’s not the riff’s fault that this track gets boring after a while, but the lack of other interesting elements during the track.

“Further down the nest II” is a slower track using the “same” vocals but in a more chanting or speech type way. Then the parade drum starts and one can really see the singer (M.) telling his minions how to fuck up the world as they are marching, in lines, for war.

Overall this is a pretty decent piece of work, but not the best thing they’ve done.

7/10: Fuck you and your everything.