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Munruthel: Epoch of Aquarius

27/08/12  ||  Cobal

Let’s face it: after the paramount disappointments I’ve been exposed to by writing for this section in particular, by the time “Epoch of Aquarius” took off in my player my expectations were low. Very-fucken-low. Most surely that worked for the surprise to be even more pleasing.

At this point, I’d like to say Munruthel’s re-release sounds like Graveland meets orchestral power metal, and ambient-era Count Grishnackh passed by to say hello. Personally, I still prefer Rob Darken’s work, yet the level of professionalism in this record is remarkable, particularly considering this is a one man act. While most solo projects out there lack proficiency in one or more departments, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin manages to keep a fine balance amongst all instruments and production elements on this album.

Pagan, folk and especially symphonic black metal are clichéd genres indeed, I can tell you that, and yet “Эпоха Водолея” – its original Ukrainian name back in 2006 – appears original and refreshing. There is fine riffing, great soloing, proficient drumming, as well as an elegant use of keyboard orchestrations and melodies.

All in all, I actually enjoyed listening to this once and again before writing this commentary. This record might even make it to my personal collection some day. Check it out!

8.5/10: Truly surprised (that’s moi). Truly good shit (that’s the record).