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Nauticus: The wait

18/04/12  ||  Smalley

A Tool-y album cover, and an opening track with some Tool-y vocals & guitarwork (at least guitarwork from the softer side of Tool)? Didn’t I just review this album? Well, not really; after the opener, and unlike Soen, Nauticus’s “The wait” backs off of the heavy Tool influence, but unfortunately for us, that’s what prolly woulda made this record more interesting than it is. It doesn’t take long for Nauticus for pretty much disappear up their own asses and forget about keeping us interested, even on that Tool-y first track, since they forgot to take Tool’s balls along with them. It doesn’t get much better after that, as Nauticus get lost in the hippie-dippy nonsense, which while pleasant in parts, overall doesn’t hold attention very well. Those pleasant parts are the reason why I didn’t just give this a straight-up 5, but I demand something more energetic if they’re gonna keep recording.

6/10: Prolly not worth bothering here.