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Nephelium: Coils of entropy

28/06/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

Formerly Middle Eastern and now Canadian death metal act Nephelium promises to be for you who are into smalltime bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Aeon, Suffocation, Vader and so on and so forth. Stating stuff like that in your press sheet is bound to set expectations high, only to have them crushed as soon as you put on the fucken disc in question. That’s why I hate these fucken things, they always claim the band in question to be the best fucken thing since the fluffy vibrating vagina. But lo and behold – Nephelium is some semi-qualitative death metal. Chaotic, brutal, somewhat technical, and the occasional shitty pig scream is included as icing in the hairiest of arseholes.

“Groove” doesn’t exist here, Nephelium rather blast out their stuff in a very take-no-prisoners-and-fuck-a-kitten-while-at-it style. And they do it quite well. Conclusion? Nope, these guys aren’t re-inventing shit, and sometimes it’s ok to be chuffed with that (as I have pointed out a zillion times before). If you dig Teh Br00tal, you’ll dig this.

6,5/10: This is heaps above 95% of the shit we get sent to Global Domination. They should be proud of that. A better production, groove and no pig screams next time around and you guys might be on to something. We can always hope…