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Nexhymn: Black horizon

11/05/12  ||  gk

Nexhymn play some sweet sounding brutal death metal. The first thing that grabbed me was the very good production quality and the impressive vocals of Holly Wedel. Formed by Ivan Alcala previously of the band Throcult, Nexhymn has dropped the black/ death of Ivan’s previous band and opted for a much more focused death metal attack. The music is pretty brutal and I suppose technical but not in the “50 different riffs per song” way. The riffs are there but there’s also a strong sense of groove that helps give these six songs a bit of individuality.

There’s nothing particularly original here and the band seems to love some Suffocation, Morbid Angel and particularly Monstrosity’s “Spiritual Apocalypse” album, but it’s all done well. “Black Horizon” has just 6 songs and lasts for all of 22 minutes so it’s a pretty short and impressive debut from the band. However, the real test will lie in whether the band is capable of transferring the potential they’ve shown here onto a full length. As it is, this is a band that fans of brutal death metal should keep an eye on.

6.5/10 and we might be onto something here.