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Ophidian Forest / Hæresiarchs of Dis: Darkest origins

12/10/12  ||  BamaHammer

If it was still 1995, Ophidian Forest would be a pretty fucken strong black metal band. Problem is (you guessed it) that they’re just slightly “behind their time” and really just rehash the classic tried-and-true black metal techniques that we all loved back in the day. Their sound is expectedly a raw, ugly mishmash of muddy midrange. The guitars are loaded with a shit-ton of reverb that adds a lot of spaciness to every slow, plodding elementary riff that these guys relentlessly bore into your brain. The drumming is probably the most disappointing aspect here, because it feels as though they could offer so much more just by breaking away from their monotony. Overall, Ophidian Forest doesn’t deliver enough new and interesting material to make this effort something you really need to hear. It might be worth checking out for the kvltest black metal die-hard out there, but otherwise, just keep spinning all that good battle-tested shit from a decade ago.

5/10: And I don’t even know why I’m giving them that much credit.

As for Hæresiarchs of Dis (and whatever that pronunciation may be), it’s really more of the same cold, raw, hideous black metal that’s both nostalgic and stale. These guys’ sound does have noticeably more of a trebly sizzle as well as a thumpy bass, but it’s not enough to save them from the boredom of the songwriting, which relies on the age-old technique of “classic fast black metal followed by doomy slow part and repeat”. They also attempt to provide a little atmospheric ambiance with wolf howls and clean intro parts and some other indescribable synthy noise shit, but ultimately, these guys fall victim to the same fate as their buddies in Ophidian Forest. It’s just not interesting.

4/10: Dis ain’t quite as good as dat other band.