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Pandemonium: Misanthropy

17/08/12  ||  cadenz

Still misanthropes after 22 years in the scene. I guess the scene sucks. Seriously, these Polish veterans unleash their fourth full-length album “Misanthropy” (actually seventh, they released three albums under another moniker (Domain) which they used 1995-2004) and do it with style. Hateful black/death metal anthems with nods towards Dissection, Lord Belial, early Bathory and Gehenna, but on a lower quality level. There’s no gravy, only potatoes. Satan is not present, only his butler. Lucky for these guys I like potatoes and, eh…butlers.

Some of the arrangements are quite effective and I like the guest female vocalist who appears on a couple of tracks. The guttural vocals are very indistinct, and a clearer voice would be an improvement. Still, I’ve heard far worse and I might come back to this record when I’ve worn out the aforementioned bands’ discographies (don’t wait up).

7/10: Extra bonus boner for the track title “Necro Judas”.