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Radiation Sickness: Reflections of a psychotic past

19/09/12  ||  Habakuk

You name your band like a Repulsion song, you have my vote. Or at least I’m gonna pick your disc up for review, only to find out half of it is actually material from some EP from 1990, and the new stuff has a gritty old school flair to it as well. It’s not easy to pin these folks to a style, but they combine a groovy death metal feel with a bit of crossover madness (especially on the old, remastered material that’s generally only about one minute +x long) and generally keep their shit somewhat interesting. However the older shit, which is 11 songs, just comes across as a bit too unstructured. The first 7 tunes on the other hand definitely hold their own thanks to the great rhythm work and thick guitars, but you’ll have to be okay with a bit of instrumental grittiness and a Mabacre-style frantic howl, which I both quite dig, actually. So, while I didn’t notice any wheels being reinvented here, old schoolers might risk an ear.

6/10: Just don’t expect to be blown away by the second half.