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Sectu: Gerra

02/07/12  ||  Cobal

Sectu appear another Swedish band playing Swedish – not Gothenburg – death metal, and nevertheless this is only their second full-length, it doesn’t sound like any of those millions and millions of amateur bands playing death metal-like noise due to their monumental incompetence and lack of talent. In the originality department, though, is where this guys have little to offer; I mean if you are totally into this stuff you’re gonn’enjoy it for sure. Also, for sure you’ve listened to several, SEVERAL alike releases, all of them equally “killer”.

Sufficient and well accomplished doses of heaviness, technicality, melodies and plenty of groove make of this a fun listening, yet after having finished writing this I’ll hardly listen to it again… ever. Even so, guitar soloing here is outstanding. Check it out, it’ll never hurt.

6/10: Not bad. Barely good enough, though.