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Shattered Destiny: Fragments

29/06/12  ||  Curt

Shattered Destiny are getting a fair amount of attention due to the involvement of from Mark Zonder of Fates Warning on vocals and Martin Brandström of DarkTranquility on production duties. Describing themselves as progressive power thrash, the band certainly have an interesting sound which moves between the three above genres and others with ease. The songwriting is superb but where the band falls down is vocally as bandleader JJ ‘s delivery just sounds odd to me. An interview I read with him stated he was going for a musical vibe with his singing and that basically people either really liked it or hated it. I personally fall into the latter category which is unfortunate as otherwise this is a good EP. If the vocals are less musical oriented next time around these guys will probably make a keeper of an album.

6/10: Musically good. Vocally not so much.