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Sphere: Homo hereticus

05/07/12  ||  Habakuk

Polish, you say. Death metal, eh? Intriguing. Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last, what, 20 years, you are aware of the fact that this country/genre combination stands for high quality. Listening to this half hour long album will not affect this negatively, but it will definitely give you a feeling that this bunch of dudes won’t expand the boundaries anytime soon. Why is that? Well, when they cite the tried-and-tested Vaderisms and Behemothations, soundwaves flow like juice into your ear channels and fill them with blast, groove and… juice. Luckily, they do most of the playing time. Breaking the mold however their thing is not, and it shows. “Sadistfucktion” (come on) with its half-assed punk leanings and stupid lyrics (really?) shows why this path has never been taken by their main influences. In other words, it’s shit. So, Vader are cool. Behemoth are cool. Didn’t we know that already? If you’re just a little unsure, sure, check this out. Otherwise, you might as well do something real worthwile. That lawn needs a good mowin’ anyway.

7/10: Can’t go wrong with this, but can’t really get anything new out of it either.