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The Spokes: In my head

25/09/12  ||  Cobal

What these guys have in their heads is most definitely nostalgia; lots of nostalgia for the 70’s. When I first read their self description, I started hating right away, but that’s probably just a childish reaction, uh? Everybody has the right to wannabe whatever they wannabe.

Yes, this is 60-70’s sort of hard trippy rock and yes, it abso-fucking-lutely resembles many of those bands I strongly believe every so-called rocker should study such as Iron Butterfly, Rainbow, Cream and a li’bit of the happiest Zeppelin stuff, yet there’s no way this becomes a classic. First, because it sounds exactly the way the masters would sound forty years ago, and second, because they didn’t even try to modernize it in any way, it’s basically music created for remembering what these ol’farts would call “the good old days” I suppose. I know, not all of them look that old.

In that department I gotta say they fully accomplished what they meant to do. This totally sounds as though it had been written and played back in the day in England or The States, and while many could (and probably should) consider this an insult, what I’m trying to say here is that not any bastard out there is capable of actually taking all elements from a completely different context and bring’em all together to re-create something that seems legit, so to speak.

Will I listen to it ever again? Maybe, yes. Having already come across it,it just so happens there are actually several catchy yummy songs here. Will I give to my old man as a present his next birthday? I don’t think so. The man has too many alike albums already.

7/10: Not bad, not new. In the end, everything’s valid.