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Thunderkraft: Totentanz

26/04/12  ||  gk

Ukraine’s Thunderkraft are on to their second album here and there’s a lot to take in. The band mixes groove metal, techno and folk to create what sounds like a pretty unique sound but not all of it works. The band sound pretty good when they’re doing the whole folk metal scene coming across like a friendlier Nokturnal Mortum but the techno bits just seemed tacked on with little thought as to whether or not it fits the music.

For every song like “A Time Will Come”, which works well with a catchy keyboard and violin melody and a vaguely black metal sounding riff, there’s a song like “Totentanz” which just sounds like a bad mix of groove metal, techno and folk. Also, the flute occasionally sounds a bit out of tune (although I’m not sure if that’s even possible) and gets distracting. I’m sure there aren’t a lot of bands out there mixing techno, metal and folk music and points to Thunderkraft for attempting something new. Still, it feels like the band is searching for their sound. “Totentanz” is a pretty good effort but too many different elements fighting for space it an album that sounds a bit disjointed.

6/10 and hopefully will get better.