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Torment: Pain is transient, failure forever

19/09/11  ||  Habakuk

You know what? This progressive death metal shit is really starting to bore me. Not that I ever really loved it, but seriously, if you’re the twentieth band that sounds like a mixture of Portal, Incantation, Lykathea Aflame and flabby dick, it slightly pisses me off listening to your shit. No really, I feel like I’m wasting my time here, although this material is far from being mere garbage. There simply is a limit to how much ropy riffing, ball of wool production, tempo changes, complex dysrhythmia and odd little hidden sound effects I can take. It has been reached and can from now on only be overcome by Ulcerate (who chose to replace flabby dick with razorsharp precision). If you cannot get enough of what I named, go check ‘em out, but don’t quote me on this.

5,5/10 pushing boundaries, Verdun style.