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Unconsecrated: Awakening in the cemetery grave

02/10/12  ||  Sokaris

Inspired by the oldschool and armed to the teeth with death metal tropes and horror-derived conventions, Unconsecrated make their presence known to this reviewer through a 70-plus minute compilation of their previously released material. The general sound throughout is a slightly updated take on the classic Swe-death sound (particularly Grave) but with what comes across as a heavy Bolt Thrower influence on the older material that pops up a few tracks in. Speaking of the fact that this is cobbled together from different recording sessions, I have to point out that the three songs from “Slave to the grave” would receive a slightly higher score since most of the rest of the songs are less interesting than that particular release and after an hour the demos comes off as redundant as this compilation’s title.

By no means bad and it would satisfy anyone looking for death metal in the truest sense but if you’re going to do Swedish death metal revival in the year 2012, you’ve either got to bring your own flavor or just dominate in the riffs department. Better yet, both.

5.5/10: If you absolutely HAVE to have every new OSDM release in the last five years.