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Unknown band: Unknown album (Iugulatus: "Satanic pride"?)

12/09/12  ||  Lord K Philipson

To whoever sent this album to us for a review:

Shitty album

Fuck you. Fuck your band. Fuck your country and fuck everyone who knows you.

Next time, send a goddamn info sheet that says who you are, what the fucken album is called or perhaps, you know – PERHAPS A CD COVER AND BOOKLET?!

As a thanx to you for being absolutely retarded and expecting a review under these circumstances I have now thrown your shitty fucken CD into the forest. You want it back? Go fetch – it’s somewhere in here:

Great forest

That’s your review.


Update: After getting an e-mail it seems like this disc is by the band Iugulatus. Doesn’t help now though, coz I am certainly not going into the forest to pick up the fucken CD that some deer hopefully pissed at. Note to band/label: Learn how to include proper info in the future if you want your stuff reviewed at Global Domination.