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Vainaja: Kahleiden kantaja

18/07/12  ||  sincan

I am confused, am I really listening to a Finnish metal band without keyboards? The answer is yes. Well I know that not every band from Finland uses keyboards but I usually approach Finnish music with some skepticism, mostly because it’s fun, eisa peitää! Vainaja plays a mixture of doom and death metal, with some heavy slow-paced guitar and bass playing, and pretty clean produced drumming with roots in death metal. Growling is mostly used for the vocals, but it is mixed up with some shrieking. The quality of this is rather good and there is no celebration of life here, this I know even though I don’t speak Finnish. The folkish riff in the second track is of superior quality which reminds me of Sigrblot, and for you who don’t know better I’m not speaking about nonsense folk including killing dragons with flames of glory-keyboards and flutes here. So if you’re a fan of this type of doom and death hybrid bands you will most likely enjoy this release.

7.5/10: Perkele, a full length would be very interesting.