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Venomous Maximus: MMIX - MMXI

10/05/12  ||  gk

Formed in 2010, Venomous Maximus have released 2 EP’s so far and “MMIX – MMXI” is a compilation of the two EP’s and the band’s third release overall. The music is basically some pretty good and catchy stoner rock/metal and while the band seems to label itself as doom, there really isn’t any doom to be found on this collection. The band’s influences seem to stem mostly from 70’s hard rock and the NWOBHM and it makes for a good mix.

The songs are short and filled with some catchy riffs that are more in line with current European stoner rock bands than the American doom scene. The one distinct aspect of the music is the vocals. Half shouted and half spoken, the vocals took some getting used to but in the end, they work well with the music and give the songs a little bit of originality.

The one aspect that I find a bit strange is that most young bands plying their trade in the stoner category today seem to have a complete aversion to guitar solos. It’s the same story with VM and a couple of guitar solos could have really lifted these songs up. Having said that, the production and sound is pretty good and the songs show plenty of promise. While “MMIX- MMXI” isn’t exactly essential, Venomous Maximus is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

6.5/10: And looking forward for more.