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Vermivore: Zero vector

15/08/12  ||  cadenz

Vermivore is a fresh-out-of-the-oven Finnish death metal quartet, who are here with their self-released debut EP “Zero Vector”. Despite these being the band’s first baby steps, two of the members have been involved in other bands like De Lirium’s Order and Abysmalia.

We are treated to a somewhat harsh, dry and djent-inspired production which isn’t to my best liking, but at least everything is clearly audible. The songs are pretty straight-forward yet half-techy thrashy death metal with some clear Meshuggah/Textures/Vildhjarta influences. The energy is good and the arrangements very professional, but not many hooks cling. The tempos vary from blast beats to lower mid-tempos. The execution is top-notch, tight and well-played; and the vocalist unleashes some really impressive screams once in a while.

“Zero Vector” displays a young, hungry band with tons of potential and chops. Sooner than later, Vermivore are going to get picked up by a label, and my wish for the debut full-length is more catchy material. Maybe try incorporating more guitar leads, or atmospheric keyboards?

7.5/10: Precise aggression served in sterile, cold cuts.