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Vesen: This time it's personal

20/09/12  ||  Smalley

“This time it’s personal” is Vesen’s 4th full-length, and supposedly (according to Metallum), they’re blackened thrash from Norway, but instead, this either just feels more like a black-ier Venom (who, as well all know, was not black in the modern sense of the term), or modern Satyricon, with the same super-dry guitar production and stripped-down riffs (but not as good). At least they put in some effort to keep the songwriting from getting boring, and there’s the rare cool riff buried here, but still, very little of the songwriting actually “hooked” me in any way, too much of it dragged on for too long, some of the riffs sounded recycled from others, and the production lacked “oomph”. This isn’t bad at all, but it isn’t good either, so “personal” is almost as middle-of-the-road a record as you can find.

5/10: Mediocre. Pancake. Sugar fucken tittie.