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VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC: In involuntary abortion we trust

10/08/12  ||  gk

Austria’s gore grind trio VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC are on to their second release with “In involuntary abortion we trust” and it’s pretty good for this kind of thing. The EP opens with “Mass suicide with a rusty comb” which is some bottom heavy but very catchy death metal and that’s pretty much the template for the remaining 7 songs here. Sure the vocals vary from a higher pitched frog croak to a lower pitched frog croak, every song opens with a sample and the whole thing is done in just over 20 minutes but it’s not bad at all. The nods to slamming brutal death metal help in giving the songs a bit more depth. Also, Erwin De Groot from Last Days of Humanity turns up as a guest. There are 4 studio recorded songs, a couple of live songs and an alternate version of their hit single “Eyeball peeler“. So if you actually like gore grind as a genre then you’ll probably find plenty to like here. I normally don’t like gore grind at all but this was a fun little release even if all I can remember now are the samples.

7/10: Morbidly fun.