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Warclouds: A disturbing presence

06/08/12  ||  BamaHammer

If it was 1995, we’d have a fantastic album here, but it’s 2012 we’ve all heard this before. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with “A disturbing presence”, but Warclouds does nothing to set it apart from the legions of other death metal bands that sound exactly like they do. The production is actually very good despite the bass being a little lost in the ever-present low end rumble, but the riffs are so frustratingly repetitive and elementary that you can’t help but get awfully bored with the album after a few minutes. Warclouds also relies a bit too much on repeatedly dwelling on the chugging, palm-muted power chord for long stretches that makes one wonder not only when they’re going to do something interesting with it, but also what to listen to next. Bad times. The guitar solos are also nearly indistinguishable from one song to the next which just adds to the already overflowing anonymity Warclouds brings to the table. This band may do something good in the future, but they didn’t do it on this album.

4/10: Bored to dess.