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Whoretopsy: They did unspeakable things

12/07/12  ||  Cobal

I must acknowledge I started listening to this with quite low expectations. I mean it’s not I don’t like slamming brutal death metal but whenever one reads such a tag about a record, it’s easy to foresee what is coming. Fortunately, that’s not the case, at least not quite.

A Spaniard cyber-acquaintance of mine once described this sub-genre as Pantera-like groovy riffs gone lower and accompanied by (surprise, surprise!) the lowest growling and blast beats. I find the description accurate and it certainly fits Whoretopsy’s work, yet there is a little more than that in their music.

Whereas most slamming acts out there happen to play and record rather plain stuff, these Australians had the courtesy of including some amusing yet short passages within a couple tracks. Not a big deal, still I always appreciate a lil’ creativity and originality even in the straightest forms of metal.

In the end, both fans and not fans of slamming gore brutality can enjoy this. On the other hand, although the evident efforts, it gets to be repetitive at times. Not bad.

6/10: They only found six out of ten pieces of that sliced bitch.