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Will 'O Wisp: Kosmo

23/04/12  ||  Smalley

“Kosmo” started off promisingly enough with an intro track of cool Indian-music experimentations, and some more of that action at the start of the next song, but my bubble was pretty quickly burst; you see, Wisp are pretty solid musicians, especially the drummer (when he actually lets loose), but the actual music they’re writing is pretty awkward, clunky and chaotic. And their singer has that screeching-cat vibe goin’ that I hate so much. This isn’t awful, and I wanted to give them a half-point above just a flat 5 for the little things I did like here at the start, and occasionally later on, but there’s just too much irritating, jumbled metalcore-ish material afterward, and other failed, wannabe-kooky experiments (dance music, anyone…?) to be even that generous.

5/10: Mediocre. Pancake. Sugar fucken titty an’ all that jazz.