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Wormfood: Décade(nt)

18/10/12  ||  Sokaris

Before this I was only familiar with Wormfood’s later material, as they were recommended to me due to my fondness for the avant-garde side of metal. Although their roots are in black metal, Wormfood are a sort of projection of gothic metal without that genre’s particular set of tropes. Instead they exist as an experimental act that sounds, well, French as hell. Nihilistic humor? Check. Fancy accent? Check. They even have an album titled simply “France” and translated Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman” to “Femme Chrétienne” for their cover.

As I mentioned before, I was familiar with the more recent releases, so this, a re-titled, re-release of the band’s debut “Eponym” was a little disappointing because the band has evolved a great deal since then. It’s an interesting journey, incorporating different elements of extreme metal, delving into a Tom Waits-esque moment or two and engaging in some generally listenable weirdness. It’s just not all that memorable after the disc stops spinning. I’m being a little harsher on this than I would a random self-released album since it’s being presented by a band with much better material in their discography.

Kudos for making “Eponym” available to fans, but readers should really check out “France” first and grab this one last.

5/10: A reissue of a decent debut but greater things were just around the corner for this experimental troupe.