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Wyruz: Fire at will

16/05/12  ||  Smalley

Obligatory stub-band background: Wyruz is a thrash/groove band from Norway that’s been around for exactly 10 years, but are only now just debuting with a full-length in “Fire at will”. But, considering the final result, maybe they should’ve waited just a little bit longer before recording… just a lil’ bit, mind you, not a whole lot. Cuz this isn’t bad at all, with some decent grooves, solos, and intensity (especially with the drumming), but the weak-ish production took away from it some, and their singer needs to concretely pick the sound he wants, since he goes through a number of middling styles, including one that sounds halfway between a rumbly growl and a “Load”-era Hetfield twang… which is not a good combo.

A Hetfield twang in general ain’t a good thing. But enough of my patented swinging from Metallica’s nuts; their singer actually does do a number of styles pretty well, like an epic clean style and some harsher ones, it’s just that he needs to actually pick something and stick with it. Work on that, get a better sound, and some more consistently catchy songwriting (and maybe with a few less derivative-sounding passages), and Wyruz could be a solid band.

6.5/10: We’re hearing something resembling a decent recording!