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Global Domination | Witnessed | Estradasphere, 2006-10-29

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Estradasphere, 2006-10-29

27/11/06  ||  Global Domination

This show was witnessed by ex-staffer Syrrok.

Watching any Estradasphere show is something that is hard to put into words… And the one I witnessed this past Sunday has proven to be more difficult than ever in these respects. I rolled into Brick by Brick to watch the band. Much appreciation to the joint who pays real good attention to the bands and gives them all they need for a top-notch performance (I’m sure K does this at his new digs).

Estradasphere presents a musical landscape like no other, truly a musical orgasm on so many levels. I haven’t seen the band in some 3 years due to a revolving line-up and other things that kept them from getting to San Diego. But the wait was over.

Prior to the gig I was drinking in the place when all of a sudden Timb (Estradasphere violin/horn/guitar/everything) taps me on the shoulder. “Hey Bob!”. As we watched the opener Incubus-wannabe-thing Timb asked, “is this modern rock?”. Then he lets me in on the deal that for their second set they are going to play their newest album in its entirety. This is a bit of a trend as just last week Iron Maiden did the same thing. I’m not complaining. So, showtime… Thinking of analogies, thinking of analogies… hmm… or a metaphor… or a… fuck…

Estradasphere Musical orgasm is all I can come up with. Watching this band perform that night was the closest feeling to sex that can come from watching and listening to a musical act. The joy present deep inside me when I’m making my own metal was staring back at my soul in those, what seemed like, very brief moments that evening watching Estradasphere. There was no bullshit, no in-between song banter, just 6 of the most insanely talented musicians truly demonstrate their art at a level I can’t even comprehend.

All the bandmembers traded off solos that were “individuations” of the larger whole that was the show. Metal solos, jazz solos, shamisen solos, and a drumming backbone that shook the roof. There was not one word uttered by the band in 3 hours. It was clarity presented through music and that proved to be the most transcending of communication methods.

Estradasphere While largely their fans consists of music nerds, even the most self-proclaimed mainstream “I just like top 40” casual music fan cannot be taken aback by their performance. A live Estradasphere experience will make you want to learn more about music. The cohesiveness, the quality of the musicianship, the arrangements, the metal, the jazz, and the obvious love for it all in the very moment they are playing.

I walked into the place sometime around 21:00 and left around 01:30. It felt like 10 minutes.

This show was a 10. It still is and forever will be.