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Global Domination | Witnessed | Overkill, Mortal Sin, Drone, 2008-03-20

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Overkill, Mortal Sin, Drone, 2008-03-20

10/04/08  ||  Global Domination

This review was written by ex-staffer/cocksmoker Banesupper.

Where: Godset, Kolding, Denmark.
When: 20th of March, 2008.
Why: Because Overkill kick ass.

Overkill. Thrash. Awesome. Fact. Only a day before I’d attended Gorefest in Århus (they were awesome), and after a late night and only a few hours of sleep, I wasn’t in too good a state. But we’re talking fucking Overkill here, so by 5 P.M. I boarded a train headed for Århus, got a little something to eat, and by 6:30 was on a train to Kolding with that look-alike brother of mine. Drank some beers and analyzed the train conductor’s failing attempts at humour. Pretty typical train ride.

Arriving late, we missed the first supporting act (Drone), and didn’t much care. I give them 5 out of 10 for doing a decent job at not being present at the same time as us.

Later on, second supporting act Mortal Sin took the stage. Unlike Drone, they were there, and pretty much rocked the house with some old school Australian thrash. Sound was heavy, crisp and clear, and rather close to perfect. The bassist was too fucking ego-centric though, kept trying to draw focus, failingly acting bad-ass. I bear witness before gods and men: he was a wuss. I give Mortal Sin 7 out of 10, one point withdrawn due to that asshat of a bassist.

About ten o’clock, the ‘Kill took to the stage. Blitz still looking like he’s made entirely of sinew? Check. DD rocking the place by sheer force of presence? Check. Derek “The Skull” Tailor looking like a KZ-survivor? Check. Yup, it’s Overkill all right.

They began their onslaught with “Devils in the Mist”, the opener off their newest effort “Immortalis”. Not a spectacular song by any degree, but we’re just getting started, right? Right. Next song up is nothing less than classic “Hello From the Gutter”, a real crowd-pleaser, and the party is officially started. Ripping through an excellent set with a few surprises, Overkill crushed, obliterated, annihilated every shred of bad will one could hold against them. This night, the ‘Kill were fucking kings.

Excepting the obligatory couple of songs from the new record, the set was nothing but quality. In the surprise department, they only did two songs off “Horrorscope”, and neither were “Coma” or the title-track. Instead we were treated to thrash-tastic beast “Thanx for Nothin’” and – a personal favourite of mine – ultra-heavy “Nice Day… For a Funeral”.

My personal highlight of the night was “Skullkrusher”, the ridiculously heavy Sabbath-inspired riff monster, which worked simply brilliantly with a subtle echo effect added to Ron Lipnicki’s tom. The encore wasn’t exactly bad either, the intro to “Necroshine” starting shortly after the band left the stage, and after that monster was done with, they finally got round to the über-catchy “Old School” (the best song the ‘Kill has done in ages). Only downside was that, with playing “Old School” so late in the set, I (and I’m guessing a lot of other folks as well) were mostly voiceless. Screaming along to thrash for ninety minutes will do that to you, you know.

After “Old School”, there was only one thing left to do: “Fuck You”. You have to actually witness that song live to understand just how good a closer it really is. As simple as Paris Hilton, but a lot catchier, and just reekin’ attitude. Bloody fantastic.

So yeah, a fantastic night in all. Blitz was at his best, joking with the audience (“I see some of our German fans down here. They follow us around all over the place. They’re like lice, can’t get rid of ‘em”) and generally kicking ass. I’ve only seen Overkill once before, as support for Motörhead, playing a German concrete hell. That show was severely disappointing; this was not. The ‘Kill earn a well-deserved 9 out of 10.

Afterwards I watched a man eat food out of a trashcan.