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Global Domination | Witnessed | Satyricon: 2012-07-06

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Satyricon: 2012-07-06

27/07/12  ||  sincan

When Satyricon started to play during the warm Swedish summer night it was still bright, but just a couple of songs later it was totally dark. I for sure didn’t know that they not only brought a guy for the sound but also one for changing the sun’s light (I act like I don’t know the fact that it in the north turns from bright to dark very fast).

Satyricon must be one of the world’s most well oiled black metal live machinery nowadays. You really know what you will get when you attend to their shows, for better or worse. Mr. Wongraven is really aware about how to act on a stage, what facial expressions to use to send his messages, how to walk around and just be. It’s dark, cold and yet looks good. Frost is however more or less impossible to see behind his mountain sized drum set, but he really gets to work every day.


For a few years now, Satyricon has been focusing on their latter material and it is to no one’s surprise that this gig includes five songs from their two latest albums. It feels like this is how Satyr wants Satyricon to sound, and I am pretty sure that their next album will head in the same direction.

As usual they played both “Now, diabolical” and “K.I.N.G” from their “Now, diabolical” album. Two really good tracks, but come on, it’s not like they are non-exchangeable! It would be fun if they just for once could play a more altered set, compared to the ones they use nowadays. The same goes for “Black crow on a tombstone” and “The wolfpack” from their latest album “The age of Nero”, however they are not yet that overused. I really think that the riff in “The wolfpack” sounds like an intro to a children television show being cut with a chainsaw, fucking awesome. Well, the thing is that these are good songs and they really fit at a live show, but do all of them always have to be there? Surprises are always estimated!


It seems like their first album is too old to be remembered, but at least they played two songs from “Nemesis devina” were “Forhekset” is one of my favorite Satyricon songs with its killer fucking amazing awesome outro guitar riff. And of corpse Satyricon’s answer to “Nothing else matters” which is “Mother north” has to be on the set list, or does it? At least Metallica actually dared to skip Nothing else matters during some live shows. It’s not like the two songs are similar, it’s just that they have more or less the same function and some people tend to expect itto be played every time. Yeah, it is fucking amazing to be in the crowd and sing along to “Mother north” but when you have done that a couple of times you know the deal.

Well, if this was the first time you saw Satyricon it was an awesome show, with really good tracks, but more important is the fact that the gig was being executed really fucking good. I saw them at Hellfest this summer as well and I got the feeling that they had more fun during the Getaway rock festival show. I for sure did. Yet the Hellfest gig was really good as well, were they played “Repined bastard nation” instead of “Possessed”.


You see the pattern? They always deliver, even though the tracks are more or less the same! You know you will feel fucked when the alarm goes on during Monday morning, you know that you shouldn’t have eaten the last pizza slice and you know that Satyricon will do their job on stage, simple as that.

Yeah, now it feels like a good time to look at my notes from the show and not only the set list. So what do we got here? Except for the things I’ve already mentioned Satyr told us that they’re working on a new album which is going really well, but it’s nice to get out and play. Another note is that it felt good to see Satyr with long hair again, that is not gay! How can I be so fucking sweet you might wonder, well thank you and fuck off!

9 out of 10 of the coolest microphone stand there is.


  • Who: Satyricon
  • When: 6 July, 2012
  • Where: Getaway Rock Festival, Sweden.
  • Setlist
  • 01. Now, diabolical
  • 02. Black crow on a tombstone
  • 03. Forhekset
  • 04. The wolfpack
  • 05. Possessed
  • 06. Hvite krists død
  • 07. To the mountains
  • 08. Mother north
  • 09. Fuel for hatred
  • 10. K.I.N.G.